A Spirit of Faithfulness

girl sitting in the sunset

Galatians 5:22-26 introduces us to the qualities we call the fruit of the Spirit. If we walk by the Spirit, those we come in contact with should see these refreshing qualities in us, so that we are as revitalizing to them as fresh fruit on a hot summer day. If fruit goes unused, however, it goes bad. We must be actionably putting the fruit of the Spirit in our lives, so we can be those refreshing individuals God wants us to be.

Faithfulness is a part of this — being trustworthy, steadfast, and grounded with God. John 15:4 tells us we have to abide in him as branches are sustained by the vine, so we can bear fruits of faithfulness. This type of complete reliance requires an incredible amount of trust, and that trust defines the strength of faith we have in Him.

Snapshots of Faith

Our faith is defined by moments. We have snapshots of faith. Take Abraham as an example. From leaving his land to follow God to nearly offering his son in obedience, we can see how meaningful moments in Abraham’s life shows where Abraham was with his faith at that time. The same is true of individuals like Noah, Moses, David, Elijah, and countless others. We see their faith in God based on snapshots that build and define their faith.

Think of Jesus’ apostles. They had moments of great faith. They also had moments where their faith faltered, particularly at the cross. They did not let those moments of faithlessness define their lives, however, and they strove to strengthen their faith beyond Christ’s crucifixion. So where are you? In the story of your life, what do your own snapshots of faith say about you? What can you learn from moments past, and what encouragement can those moments give us?

Faith in Trials

James 1 tells us that the testing of our faith helps us grow spiritually. Overcoming the trials of this world strengthens our resolve in God so we may not be tossed around by everything around us. James also tells us to ask for wisdom in this process, and He blesses those who remain steadfast in their trials. These things help us be more fruitful in God and help our God have faith in us.

Can God say of us what He said of Job: “Have you considered my servant?” When we remain loyal to God and place Him as our first priority, we can overcome all obstacles and grow closer to Him. Step by step, we can grow to be completely faithful to God and have a fruit of faithfulness that will be refreshing and spiritually uplifting to everyone around us.

lesson by Donn Koonce