Victory in the Cross

three crosses

Over the course of this series about those close to the cross, we have reviewed four things that increase when we grow closer to the cross: our understanding of His love, our grace toward others, our commitment, and our responsibility. The closer we stay to the cross, the more our lives will look like His. Furthermore, the cross brings us forgiveness and ultimately salvation. It is the death that brings eternal life. We understand that there is victory in the cross.

Victory & Peace in the Cross

I Corinthians 15:50 helps us understand that we will be changed from something physical to something spiritual when Christ comes again. Death will have no more victory over us because we will be clothed in immortality. That victory over death is possible because of the cross.

We are also victorious over sin because of the cross. Isaiah 53:4 tells us the Messiah would be wounded for our sakes and that His pain would heal us. A moment that would be considered defeat under any other circumstances became victory over the sin and death that have so much power in this world.

Philippians 4:4 then reminds us there is peace to be found in the cross. This world and its struggles are not everything. We look for something better. Remember how peaceful Mary and John were at the cross. They had peace — peace that passed all understanding — and we can have that peace as well when we grow closer to His cross. We have the peace of forgiveness, the peace of redemption, the peace of hope.

Sharing the Cross

We then share that victory and peace with others. Hebrews 4:16 calls us to approach God’s presence with confidence, and that confidence leads us to share Him with others. Because of the cross, we will live in a way that sets us apart from the words. The cross changes our lives and attitudes in a way that separates us. We have a peace and confidence that should set us apart.

When we are far from the cross, we blend in with the world. We may be aware of Christ, but we have not completely given ourselves over to Him. The closer we get, our priorities begin to change. Our attitudes and our conduct changes. Our love for others changes and grows. We became something better and new. We have peace and hope because of the victory of the cross, and we should want to share that hope with others. That victory is meant to be shared.

lesson by Donn Koonce