The Chief Cornerstone


Last time we were together, we looked at the importance of stones and rocks in God’s word, specifically using rocks as memorials. Today, we’re going to look at another rock, our chief cornerstone that is Christ. Isaiah 28:16 speaks of a foundation stone, a sure cornerstone, upon which God’s kingdom will be built. This chief cornerstone is the most solid foundation upon which we can build our trust.

A Solid Foundation

The cornerstone of the capitol building is over 24,000 pounds. It’s entire purpose is to keep the building straight and secure. The entire structure of that building, even additions to it, rely on that cornerstone being there and being secure. It is a stone that is tested and proven, and, for us, that tested and true stone is our Savior Jesus Christ.

Christ is the pillar and support of our hope, of our salvation, of our standard for truth. Any stone set by man will erode over time, but our cornerstone never changes or wears away. In Isaiah 28, Isaiah says that those who trust in that ultimate cornerstone will never be disturbed. Things may shake us and try to beat us down, but we will never completely fall as long as our faith and hope is in Christ.

A Perfect Architect

Psalm 118:22 says the rejected stone is the one who will become chief, and it’s God who put Him there. He is the foundation placed by the perfect architect. I John 1:5 describes this architect as all-righteous, and Psalm 102:25 – 27 tells us this is the God who laid the foundations of our world. He is all-knowing, unchanging, ever true, and perfectly righteous.

When we deviate from His plans, our structure will crumble. I Peter 5:7 says we should always humble ourselves before Him, so He may lift us up. We have to be willing to put His will before our own so that we may build a strong life upon the foundation He provides for us. He provides us with a cornerstone. God provides us with plans. It is ours simply to humble ourselves and obey.

In Christ Alone

In Acts 4:8, Peter makes the bold claim that there is no salvation except for in Jesus. Like the wise man in Matthew 7:24, we have to stand on the rock if our faith is to endure the storms and trials of this life. Ephesians 2:19 tells us we are built together on His foundation to be a holy sanctuary. If He is our foundation, His word is at the center of all we do. I Corinthians 10:1 – 4 tells us even Moses and the children of Israel found hope in the rock that is Christ before they ever new Him.

Christ’s position as cornerstone in our lives is more than a symbolic thing. It’s not something we simply point at as a token. Wearing Christ’s name is more than a label. If we are truly building our lives on Christ, that affects every aspect of who we are. If we are truly wearing His name, it changes who we are. He provides for us a sure foundation and a refuge of safety from the world. I Peter 2:6 tells us we will never be put to shame if we trust in the cornerstone. We may not know what our daily lives will bring us, but we can trust in a future with our Lord if we wholly trust in Him and the foundation He has laid for us.

lesson by Steve Jones